SPRI Duo Massage Roller


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Features & Benefits:

  • Versatile massage tool – use as a massage,stick, foot roller or solo massager
  • Target pressure points, increase circulation,and alleviate sore muscles throughout the,entire body
  • Massage Guide included


2 in stock

Get advanced relief with this Duo Massage Roller. This versatile massage tool can be used as a massage stick, foot roller or solo massager to target pressure points, increase circulation and alleviate sore muscles throughout the entire body.

The choice of Health Clubs and Pros for more than 30 years.

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• Warm up for 3-5 minutes before each session.

• Perform each massage in a controlled manner, through a full rangeof motion.

• Apply pressure with both hands. For best results, try to relax your muscles when using the Massage Roller.

This allows you to massage into the core of the muscle. To relax your leg, remove weight by sitting down or elevating your leg on a chair, step, bench, etc.

• You are always the best judge of how much pressure to apply, but a “good sore hurt” is what you should strive for. This “good sore hurt” means the feeling is uncomfortable but not painful.

• Always follow muscle paths. Roll gently over bones such as the spine, shoulder blades, collarbone, shin bones, etc.

• It typically takes 10-20 rolls or 10-20 seconds over each muscle group to warm up healthy muscles. To be most effective, it is best to progressively press deeper into the muscle area with each roll.

• Tender “knots” in the muscle can prevent full range of motion, while causing aches, discomfort and early

muscle fatigue. These tender muscle knots come in various sizes, like a pin head, pea or marble

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